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Author Services Tonia BrewerWelcome fellow pen pushers!

Maybe writing has been your life for many years or, perhaps you just got started. Either way, there is a lot to consider when taking on the role of Author. My first question to a prospective writer client is; What are your goals with your writing? This determines how much effort you are willing and ready to commit! Writing your book was the easy part! I know, I know… Easy is subjective.

Seriously, in terms of readership, marketing and branding will take much more effort. You are an author because you enjoy writing. You may not be as passionate or knowledgeable with what it takes to make people (beyond your friends and family), aware that you are an author and you have written a book.

I would be honored to assist you in achieving all of your writing goals!  You can read more about the services I offer, here on my website pages…

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