Author Branding

Branding is the key to success...I have yet to have a prospective client tell me that they became an author because they wanted to own a business or build a brand. Most of us write because we are passionate about it and want to share our work with the universe. The truth is, you are also the owner of a business. A business that sells books. Your books. Like any business, it is important to develop a clear brand. Whether you are a self published or traditionally published author, you will benefit from building a solid author brand.  Maybe you are looking to be published by a traditional publishing house. If so, one of the first things they’ll ask about (and research) is your branding, your author platform. Your query letter may be brilliant, and your writing impeccable, but clear branding shows that you “get it”. It’s like the “it factor” on American Idol. The “whole package” is easier to work with, so why not seek out the path of least resistance? Clear author branding makes you a much easier sell. So what is author branding? In a nutshell, it’s about connecting with your authentic self – then sharing it with your readers, so they will be attracted to your brand, and buy your books!


Okay, you say. So how do I do that? Fair question. But first, a little demonstration of how well-known authors have created their brand. What do you think when I say “Stephen King”? How about Agatha Christie? J.K. Rowling certainly conjures up an image in your head. Let’s throw in John Grisham and Elizabeth Gilbert too. Did you get a flash of images mixed with a specific feeling? Maybe you saw a particular scene from a book or heard the dialogue between certain characters. I’m guessing there was a law office involved, maybe a magical moment? Did a life-lesson go through your mind? Do you have a pretty clear picture in your head about how these authors have imprinted themselves on their readers? That’s because that author’s brand put it there! That’s what we’re talking about!


I love working with authors like you, who want to sell books, and get their work known. I have a solid background in business, sales, marketing (traditional and digital), and coaching. I will use my extensive experience to help you achieve your business goals.


How will we do that you ask? First, we will discover who you are, and how you want to be known. Then, we will spread that message across as many platforms as possible. Will it be hard? It will take effort, commitment, and time. The same requirements for writing a book, and you did that!


One last thing before you click on the contact me button to set up a complimentary consultation with me… And I want you to think about this for at least 3 minutes. Go ahead, set the timer on your phone. Ready? Are you ready to be a successful author?
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