Author Coaching

Coaching with All Ways Write!

I am an ICF Master Certified Coach, trained in a wide variety of coaching models including; positive psychology, developmental psychology, emotional intelligence, leadership development, life purpose work, integral theory and spiritual development.

We write because we love it. Some of us have no choice. It’s our passion and we are compelled to put pen to paper. Sounds romantic. A lot of the time it is. But occasionally, we fall victim to procrastination, confusion, doubt, information overload, writer’s block, disorganization, time management issues, and lagging sales.

I am dedicated to assisting you with support, creative solutions, and success. You will be more focussed and complete your writing projects sooner, and more effectively.  I will show you how to:

  • Improve your writing (saving you money on editing services and attracting more readers and good reviews)
  • Set and reach goals and deadlines
  • Avoid time wasting efforts
  • Finish books earlier
  • Create your author platform (Branding)
  • Market your books effectively (Marketing)


I work with writers to encourage, inspire, and progress their writing efforts through guidance and support. With the visioneering process, we will achieve your goals. Let me assist you in realizing your goals and dreams…

Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute session.  Please enter “CoachMe” in the comment field. Several options available for ongoing services.