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Tonia Brewer Writing ServicesWhat should you look for when choosing a Professional Writer?



For a successful experience with a professional writer, the following things will make a huge difference…..

1. A great working relationship with the writer.

2. A writer with professional business practices.

3. A high level of communication/responsiveness with the writer.


When consulting with a Professional Writer, consider the following…



Does the writer meet my needs?

  • Do they have a good understanding of my target audience? (This should be one of the first discussions in your consultation!)
  • Do they have the experience/ability to assist me with shaping my ideas into a precise message?
  • Do they have a good command of the English language combined with strong research skills?
  • Can they adapt the writing style to my voice (the tone my target audience best responds to such as humorous, formal, technical, etc.)?
  •  Do they have the skill to produce the written communication that will achieve my objectives?


Does the writer have professional business practices?

Professionalism is essential in developing a trusting relationship. Integrity and accountability are a must. Anyone you do business with should incorporate the following best practices:

• Easy to understand and straightforward contract.

• Fair pricing.

• Clearly-defined process for completing projects.

• Willingness to talk with you about your project before asking for money.

• Published contact info (not just an email address)


Is the writer responsive?

The world has become such a small place! It’s no longer unusual to work only with professionals in your town. However, just because you can’t drop in for a visit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect timely communication.

Here are some best practices to look for that will help you feel more comfortable working with a professional writer:

• Provides you with information about what it will take to complete your project.

• Corresponds with you, by returning emails and phone calls in a timely manner

• Makes every effort to work with your schedule

• Answers your questions thoroughly

• Provides you with a justifiable approximation of cost for your project

Last, but certainly not least, you must be comfortable with the person you choose to be your voice. Choose someone who is friendly, confident, and service oriented, and the process will be a great experience!


You have many writers/writing services to choose from these days. I appreciate your consideration of me!

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